A journey within…

A journey within…

It has already been half a year since I came back from India, where I spend one month in an ashram for my first yoga teacher training. What a journey that was, surrounded by pure Mother Nature in the southern part of India. To be exact at AyurYoga-Eco Ashram, this is around an hour drive from Mysore. When I close my eyes I can still hear the birds singing, see the water floating down the river, smell the beautiful flowers, taste the most delicious Ayurvedic Food and feel the amazing support and care of the whole team.

A few years ago I found my way to yoga through my sister Seraina. At that time, we lived in different countries. But I could see the change in her and knew that if she enjoys this practice that much, it must do something good. So I gave it a go and loved it instantly. Growing up I was 10 years in the Swiss Squash Junior National Team, so it felt really refreshing to do something without any pressure or goal. But after the first few days at the ashram, it felt like I was doing yoga for the very first time. This was when I realized what kind of a journey it is going to be. One, that you will never come back from. So basically I am still the same person but everything feels different and new within.

Our daily program included meditation, pranayama, asana practice, yoga philosophy, anatomy and so on. Having one day off a week, we used it to go explore and relax. We spend some of the days in Mysore where we visited Chamundi Hill, the beautiful Mysore Palace, where I unfortunately lost my phone and realized how much I am addicted to it. And yes, still am. We also went to the market and different temples. It is funny, when I arrived at the ashram, for a short moment I was panicking. Realizing how quite and sealed off it is. The whole fist week I was struggling, having nothing to distract my mind and thoughts. I was thinking: where the **** did you go or what did you put yourself in to. But after only a few hours in the city there was nothing more I wanted to do then just go back to the ashram. I had the opportunity to share and connect with some amazing and beautiful human beings. It is amazing how quickly we can trust and open up once we feel we have arrived at a save place. Exploring, looking at things from a different perspective, past my thoughts, is definitely one thing that keeps me curious and go deeper with my practice.

If you want to get a feeling of my journey and the energy that I hold within me, ever since, I encourage you to join the workshop with my teacher Vinod. He is coming all the way from India to Switzerland and will be staying with us from the 18th of April to the 8th of May 2018. You can find all the details here.

For more information about the ashram you can visit their website or watch our YouTube video.

I look forward to meet you either in one of my classes or joining me for one of the many amazing courses we have at our Living Yoga Luzern. Check out our schedule and see you on the mat.

Lots of love,