Yoga is yours....

When practicing yoga, it should feel good to your body, your mind and your soul. There are many different kinds of yoga practices, techniques, and theories. Find what feels good to you, and what works for your body. And that doesn’t mean it has to just one kind of yoga, day in and day out. 

My yoga practice is different every day. Sometimes I feel like a strong practice, then I pick up the pace a little, add a few more minutes, and do some advanced asanas. I like to sweat, so I’ll give my body what it’s calling for. Other days I may enjoy a shorter, softer practice. 

If you’re practicing at home, move and let your body guide you. If you’re going to a yoga class it’s always respectful to follow the instructor, and feel free to let them know how you’re feeling, if you’re taking it easy toda

Yoga is yours to discover. Let it become your feel good place, whether it be active and dynamic or soft and gentle. You decide.