Yoga Nidra / Meditation

In todays hectic lifestyle we all need a little peace and quiet. Give yourself some quiet time. A time of peaceful awareness, inner reflextion, and relaxation.

At Living Yoga in Lucerne, we offer every two weeks, on a Sunday from 4.30 - 5.30 pm, a Yoga Nidra / Meditation class with Bianca or Kristina. Your physical body will experience a deep relaxation, similar to sleep, and your mind will be focused only on the present moment. This unique experience of waking sleep allows for an intense relaxation and rejuvenation of body, mind, and soul - bringing your entire being back into harmony.

You will leave feeling refreshed, energized, and at peace.

«Rest as Effortless Being: Life is very simple. Less is more. Look for ease in your life / your practice. Take time to rest and be still. Prioritize meditation and stillness and then see what really needs to be done.» – Kristina Wirz