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Chakra Circle #1: Root Chakra (E)

mit Kristina Wirz
25. März 2018 / 14:00 - 16:00

From March onwards we will offer a Chakra circle on a monthly basis. The Chakra Circles are a sacred space where we incorporate all aspects of Yoga; Meditation and Pranayama, an Asana practice related to the Chakra we work with, Yoga Philosophy together with a Coaching focus. You should wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal to note your intuitions and observations. Before the session, Kristina will email you an overview so you can already start preparing for the Chakra Circle.

We will kickstart the Chakra Circles by starting with our very foundation. When we are grounded and clear about who we are and our values, we create a solid foundation. This gives us a strong connection to our energy source and a deep trust in life. Our intention is to start exactly where you are in this moment and to fully arrive and accept the here and now, without worrying about the future or examining the past. We will explore the values that drive your daily choices in life. By exploring Yoga Sutra 1.1 we will see how we can integrate this sutra into our daily life; living yoga off the mat. In this way we are able to approach each day from a fresh perspective, creating a fulfilling life that has meaning to you.

Chakra focus: Root chakra
Yoga Sutra: 1.1 Yoga Anushasanam

Levels: Suitable for all levels.
Price: CHF 40