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Chakra Circle #2: Sacral Chakra (E)

mit Kristina Wirz
22. April 2018 / 14:00 - 16:00

Our second chakra is a big one - relating, relationships and pleasure!

First and foremost we will explore the relationship to our Self. Do we identify primarily as a person or do we see our divine and true nature beyond the veil? How we perceive ourself becomes the map of our world. We often know this intuitively but our actions continue to support and validate what is untrue - the Mind.

We are going to reset our energy system and align with the true. This will shake things up and move your energy into new ways of being. We will release old conditioning, pain, habits, addictions and cravings that hold you back from living an inspired life and develop meaningful relationships. By reconnecting to your creative self, new ideas can flourish and dreams made manifest. No more excuses! Your divine life is waiting for you.

The Chakra Circles are a sacred space where we incorporate all aspects of Yoga; Meditation and Pranayama, an Asana practice related to the Chakra we work with, Yoga Philosophy together with a Coaching focus. You should wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal to note your intuitions and observations. Before the session, Kristina will email you an overview so you can already start preparing for the Chakra Circle.

Chakra focus: Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana)
Yoga Sutra: Yoga Sutra 1.6 - The Five Vrittis:

  • Pramana = correct knowledge
  • Viparyaya = error, misperception 
  • Vikalpa = imagination
  • Nidra = sleep
  • Smrtayah = memory

Levels: Suitable for all levels
Price: CHF 40