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Chakra Circle #3: Manipura Chakra (E)

mit Kristina Wirz
20. Mai 2018 / 14:00 - 16:00

The Chakra Circles are a sacred space where we incorporate all aspects of Yoga; Meditation and Pranayama, an Asana practice related to the Chakra we work with, Yoga Philosophy together with a Coaching focus. You should wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal to note your intuitions and observations.

This time we will be exploring the Manipura Chakra - our centre of willpower and energy - moving beyond fear! We will explore the ways we have given away our personal power by not taking full responsibility for our life. Then we will move beyond these patterns to reconnect to our personal power, why we are here and how we may use this life to be of greatest service. There is a vast difference between giving yourself in service and giving up yourself! This chakra is all about living your empowered life. We will explore your boundaries with others, how you can claim back your power and move forwards with confidence, grace and ease. Letting go and closing old doors is a necessary part of moving forwards and welcoming in your great, new life. Be ready for change and know that it can be fun and easy.

Chakra focus: Manipura Chakra

Yoga Sutra 1.3: Tada Drashtuh Svarupe Avasthanam - Seer, Seeker and Seen are One. The Seer abides in its True Nature.

Levels: For all levels.
Price: CHF 40