LY Plus

Kundalini Workshop (ausgebucht)

mit Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa
8. Mai 2018 / 18:30 - 21:00

Clearing the Subconscious through Deep Listening

A Holy Man once said to a woman, «Stop thinking. This body needs you in your body. When you are thinking and thinking, you are away. You are outside your body.»

Some people spend their entire lives thinking and thinking – even to the point that they drive themselves crazy with their thoughts. All biorhythms and metabolic functions are affected when all you do is think. Each thought carries a weight, and that is a weight in your head. Can you imagine how much weight you carry around? When you spend so much time thinking about someone else, your psyche interlocks with another’s psyche; and then you are not you; you are not them. So… Who Are You?

Join Gurmukh in Luzern, Switzerland for a Deep Clean Sweep of Your Mind as we move into thoughtlessness through Deep Listening and Thoughtless Meditation. You will go into the Realm of Purity of Universal Thought that will prevail through you. Regain the Life Force that you have been losing.

Gurmukh teaches in English.
We kindly ask for a reservation. Please enroll online or send an e-mail to to save your spot.
All levels are warmly welcome.

Price: CHF 70