LY Plus

Movement as medicine - Lower back health (E)

mit Lia Smagin
25. August 2018 / 11:30 - 14:00

Doing something good for your lower back.

In this workshop we will explore the incredible human spine, its shape and its effect on your quality of life. We are all familiar with that nagging ache in our lower back after exercise or a long days work. We will teach you the benefits of movement and relaxation in order to maintain the flexibility and strength of the muscles supporting the spine. We use the beautiful Yoga asanas as medicine to strengthen the back muscles, release tension and become more comfortable in your own body.
What you will learn

  • Basic bone and muscle anatomy
  • Most common lower back problems and their typical causes
  • Tips for reducing lower back stress/pain
  • Yoga asanas which are specificly tailored for optimising your back's well-being

The workshop is open for any levels.

Price: CHF 55