LY Plus

Pranayama, Mudras & Mantras (E)

mit Bianca Sissing Loetscher
10. November 2018 / 11:30 - 14:00

Awaken your energy, awaken your inner power. Activate your body’s own cleansing and healing energies.

Pranayama – The breath of life
We breathe to stay alive, but do we really breathe?  With the breath we can align our focus, we can release physical and mental tension, we can harness and purposefully use life force energy, we can activate self-healing.

Mudra – Sacred and healing hand gestures
The placement and holding of the hands and fingers in certain positions is a sacred practice of many Eastern traditions.  Pressure points in the hands are activated through which tensions and blocks can be released and healing can occure. 

Mantra – Sacred and healing voice
Sound is a powerful and healing modality. Using the voice as the instrument increases the healing vibrations in the body.  Loud or quiet, intense or gentle, your voice and the sound you create with it has healing energy.

Level: No experience required. All levels are warmly welcome to join this workshop.

Price: CHF 55

Drop-ins possible!