LY Plus

Yoga re-fine (E)

mit Emma Skyllbäck
13. Oktober 2018 / 11:30 - 14:00

In this workshop we will be introduced to some basic techniques from the contemporary dance, which will help us in finding the combination of strength and fluidity in our Yoga practice.

Through easy improvisation exercises at the beginning we will learn to listen to our body and physical sensations. We will search for the combination between stability and space in our muscles and joints. The middle point where we can be firm and strong but still getting deeper in the positions by giving our muscles space and fluidity. With these new techniques and movement qualities as a base we will go into a dynamic yoga flow where we have the chance to see if we now experience the asanas in a new way. The asana practice will be built on Vinyasa Flow style with some new variations on asanas and transitions, inspired from contemporary dance.

Level/Skills: Open to everyone.
Price: CHF 55