Emma Skyllbäck


For how long are you practicing Yoga? And for how long are you teaching?

I started practicing yoga 2005, when I started my education to become a professionell dancer.


How have you found your way to Yoga?

Yoga was the perfect complimentary training for us dance students to get strong in a healthy way. Also later, when I was working in the dance company at the theatre, we had Yoga classes each week. Since then it has been my way to stay healthy and without injuries as a dancer.


What does Yoga mean to you personally? What fascinates you the most about it?

As I went deeper into my practice by doing the education as a Yoga teacher, the importance of Yoga and meditation in my life grew even more. Now it doesn’t only help me to stay healthy physically, but more importantly -emotionally. ☺️ It helps me to stay in contact with myself, to trust, to accept and to know what is important in life.


If you could give only one advice to a Yoga beginner, what would it be?

Be nice to yourself, don’t judge -and enjoy, it can bring you anywhere if you are open for it!