Bianca Sissing Loetscher


How have you found your way to Yoga?

Ten years ago I did Yoga to complement my intense running training. After a trip to India in 2012 and practicing Yoga many hours a day, I fell in love with this amazing art and I knew that I wanted to share this with as many people as possible. Meanwhile I am E-RYT 500 and YACEP Certified with Yoga Alliance International. 


What does Yoga mean to you personally? What fascinates you the most about it?

For me Yoga is not just a form of exercise or a series of postures, Yoga is a way of life, a philosophy of being. Yoga is wellness/healing/therapy for the body, mind and soul. The Yoga journey never ends.


Who was/is your greatest teacher/inspiration on your Yogic path?

I take inspiration from every one of my teachers that I have had in that past years. I learn something from every training/class I take as a student. I also take inspiration from all of my students, whether it be explaining an asana, creating new sequences, or keeping students motivated.