Lia Smagin


For how long are you practicing Yoga? And for how long are you teaching?

I started practicing yoga in 2011.


How have you found your way to Yoga?

I have always been very active in my life. Working, studying and moving from country to country. I started to long for clarity, stability and peace. I felt that I am more accomplishing and performing, than really living and being present in all that is happening around me and within me. So I started to investigate the ways to center myself and live in the now – instead of having my head in the clouds and mostly planning the future and further accomplishments I could do. One of the methods I found was yoga. I signed up for the beginners course, fell in love with yoga and felt that this was my way of truly calming my mind and enjoying the life that i am living. With yoga I brought quality instead of quantity into my life.


What does Yoga mean to you personally?

To me yoga is – seeing life as it is, The now. The perfect clarity. Bringing myself to this moment – which is the only truly existing moment. Yoga is a method which helps me to get rid of the minds anxious, wandering quality. To me Yoga has revealed the pure magic of being alive and appreciating every second of life.


What fascinates you the most about it?

Yoga removes the the boredom; the routine like living, the unconscious doing. It has taught me to experience each day anew, fresh.


What are you doing beside Yoga?

I am a very passionate about travelling, diving into new cultures and customs . I love to get inspiration from new people that I meet. There is so much beauty out there waiting to be explored.