• Hiking in Crete
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  • Yoga is yours....
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  • Your freedom
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  • Yoga Nidra / Meditation
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  • Posture & Animals
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  • Connect and Disconnect
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  • Wishes, Hopes, Dreams & Goals
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  • In Memorandum of a Posture Part 1
    17.01.2018 / Tokyo
    This writing has been inspired by Chantal's late pet fish Tokyo, her recent trip back home to Brooklyn and by her relationship with Ashtanga Yoga. Show more
  • Dedication – A Life – Perseverance
    Practicing yoga makes me feel connected to my essence, my being – an articel by Chantal
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  • A journey within…
    10.01.2018 / India
    Agapi writes about her unforgettable trip to India and her yoga teacher training. Show more
  • Far from the typical tourist trail
    03.01.2018 / Mozambique, Tofo
    An exotic country with a surprising diversity of culture and nature. Show more
  • The truth is alive
    Do we even have the courage to act as role models and be honest with ourselves and others? Show more
  • Living Yoga Winter Playlist on Spotify
    «Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.» ~ Yogi Bhajan Show more
  • Yin, Restorative Yoga & Yogatherapie
    10.11.2017 / LY Shop
    René Hug: The Source of Existence Show more
  • Yoga T-Shirts
    10.10.2017 / LY Shop
    We're looking for new inspirational Living Yoga clothes and have produced various t-shirts for our Living Yogis. ? Show more
  • Super Yogi
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  • When does Yoga begin?
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  • Yoga and assisting
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  • Maya
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  • Yin Yoga
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  • Detox
    Springtime, Detox-time. Body-awareness time! Show more
  • Living Yoga Savasana Tee
    10.10.2017 / Café Bar LOKAL
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  • Lolafred
    10.10.2017 / LY Shop
    New at our shop in our studio in Lucerne. Show more
  • LY Booster
    10.10.2017 / Café Bar LOKAL
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  • Yoga Mat
    10.10.2017 / LY Shop
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  • Living Yogi in Dubrovnik
    08.09.2017 / Dubrovnik (Kroatien)
    Caroline Cinnanti was in Dubrovnik (Croatia) on her last vacation and reveals her insider tips. Show more