• "As I moved to Lucerne two years ago, I was looking for a place to practice yoga with positive vibes and friendly people around me.

    I found this place in Living Yoga.
    Thank you."
    Claudia Plenkers
  • "At Living Yoga I am always welcomed with a warm and contagious smile.

    Thanks to the «all inclusive» 3 months passes I can visit classes spontaneous.

    As a yoga beginner I felt instantly in good hands. I couldn’t wish for a better support on my yoga path. Every teacher conveys their yoga style with great appreciation and reflects my inner and outer attitude.

    And of course the studio is just mind blowing! ;) The developed energy and intense experiences are the most important factors for me in Yoga."
    André Gassmann
  • "Living Yoga to me means wellness, to empower and strengthen my body, to calm down and to gather new energy.

    This studio is so extraordinary, because it’s conducted by kind hearted people. I feel cared for by the engaged teachers, but also inspired and challenged by them. A mixture I wouldn’t want to miss anymore."
    Karin Tanner
  • "You can not really describe Living Yoga with words, you have to experience it. As soon as you enter the premises you can feel and see it instantly: This studio is being led with a lot of passion. You get a warm and friendly welcome and you find yourself in a very cozy atmosphere with a keen eye for detail.

    The studio offers something for everyone, a great deal of lessons and workshops are held by various competent teachers all week through. Actually there is no excuse to not visit at least one lesson or practice regularly at Living Yoga. I was looking for the right thing for a long time and I finally found it in Living Yoga, where I am entirely happy."
    Reto Schmid
  • "For two years now I regularly practice at Living Yoga. I am deeply touched over and over again. I find joy, warmth and a lot of beauty and peace. My body, especially my shoulders and pelvis, as well as my mind have gathered a lot of strength.

    My life has got a clearer direction, that’s the most precious thing for me. I am very thankful for the possibility to practice in different classes and with different teachers. So I can approach my yoga practice in a number of ways and some time it’ll just «click». With my 60 years I am probably the oldest student and I think, it’s never too late to literally dive into Living Yoga. "
    Karin von Ah
  • "When I was visiting one of Andreas classes in Hergiswil for the first time I was overwhelmed and I knew instantly, that I am in the right place. I really appreciate that Andrea is so interested in every single yogini and yogi and their individual stories. A real power woman with a lot of passion and authenticity.

    I can highly recommend the studio in Lucerne, too. The place is incredibly beautiful and the energy is very well balanced. You feel comfortable.
    The whole team is very competent and you can see that they really care for the yoginis and yogis who are coming to class. There are several classes every day, 7 days a week - that's fantastic! And Living Yoga doesn't only offer lessons, but workshops, bootcamps etc. also.

    Why I can recommend Living Yoga? I love the people there, the atmosphere and the different styles of Yoga offered. The studio, the different great teachers and the versatile offer makes Living Yoga unique.

    Thank you for your passion and for your being. ❤"
    Sabrina Gubser